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You Should Also Replace These Parts When Putting in a Used Car Engine

Three Additional Parts to Replace When Installing a Used Engine

When you are replacing the engine in a car, you might figure that just doing the engine will be good enough. With the monetary savings you get from installing used engines in Henderson, it is a good idea to also replace a few additional parts that the engine needs in order to run smoothly. Consider replacing one or all three of these other parts that are located in the engine block.

Oil Pan

Engines require oil for cooling and smooth motions for all of the moving parts. A leaky oil pan could cause an engine to fail without much warning. When replacing a failed engine, it is also a good idea to replace the oil pan. This is especially true if loss of oil or metal parts in the oil were the reason why the engine failed. Consider replacing the oil pan drain plug at the same time as the oil pan. The drain plug’s threads may become stripped, allowing the oil to slowly leak from the pan.

Alternator Belt

The alternator belt converts electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy. Exposure to extreme temperatures caused the belt to become brittle. Tiny cracks in the rubber can expand, causing the belt to suddenly fail. It is a good idea to replace the alternator belt if it is more than five years old or if you are installing a replacement engine.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is responsible for making sure that the intake and exhaust valves open and close at the correct times. If they are out of sync, the engine could run rough. The car could also get poor mileage since the power of the piston’s thrust would simply go out the exhaust release valve. Replacing the timing belt yourself is less complicated than the engine installation and will help the engine to run better.

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