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How do I scrap a vehicle?

Scrapping a vehicle is extremely easy. We will accept any year, make, or model, and we do not mind if the cars runs or not. All you need is the vehicle’s title in your name or signed over to you as well as the ID that matches.

What do I need to bring with me to scrap my vehicle?

All you need to bring is your vehicle, the title for the vehicle (in your name or signed over to you) and a valid state issued ID.


Do I need to make an appointment?

For regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM, appointments are not necessary. If you are looking to bring in a vehicle over the weekend, please give us a call prior to close time on Friday to properly schedule you in.

How much will I get paid?

Each vehicle is valued based on its own current condition. The best way to get current pricing is to fill out our information form on our "Sell Your Car" page or give us a call regarding your vehicle. You are also free to email us pictures of your vehicle for a more exact quote. And as always, you can bring your vehicle by to get a quote in person

Do you pick up junk vehicles?

We currently do not offer any pick-up services for junk vehicles. However, we do hope to offer pick-ups in the future.

What kind of vehicles do you scrap?

We will take in any vehicles. Any year, make, or model. Running or not running. We cannot accept any vehicles without title.

Do you accept motor homes and/or trailers?

No, we do not accept motor homes or trailers at this current point of time.

Can the vehicle be from out of state?

Yes, the vehicle can have an out of state title; however, a VIN inspection from the DMV should be brought in along with the vehicle title. VIN inspection forms can be found on the Nevada DMV website.

What if there is an error on my title?

If there is an error on your title, it is necessary to get an erasure affidavit notarized for the mistakes before bringing the vehicle in for scrapping. We will not accept titles with mistakes unless we receive a notarized erasure affidavit. The erasure affidavit can be found on the Nevada DMV website.

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