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Driving in the Desert – Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle

We want our cars and trucks to last as long as they can. When our vehicles are sitting in triple-digit heat, there can be some added challenges. Here are a few tips to maintain your vehicle in the desert heat.

1. Check that Air Conditioner!

Is that air coming out of your car vents cool enough? It could be fixed just by needing more refrigerant. Worst case scenario, you might need to buy a new compressor or condenser – but it doesn’t HAVE to be brand new! We sell hundreds of used, working compressors right here at A1!

2. Keep Up with Your Oil Changes

The last thing you want in the heat is to burn up your engine because it ran low on oil… yikes. This can be easily avoided and it will save you a huge headache. Look on groupon to find deals and money off! A lot of these businesses will top off the rest of your fluids and let you know if there’s any other filters that need to be replaced or cleaned.

3. Check Those Tires

An under-inflated or worn out tire can bring you lots of problems this summer if you have to pull over to change a spare. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in triple digit heat changing a tire! Do a quick scan of your vehicle before heading out on the road, especially if you have long commutes or if you are planning a road trip.

4. Keep an Emergency Bag In Your Car

Unpredictable weather and circumstances could leave you stranded. Always keep an emergency box or bag handy in your car – just in case. Add some granola bars, a pair of shoes, blanket, flashlight and more. You can always make your own with special materials you think you might need in case of a stranded situation.

5. Buy a Sun Shade for your Windshield

Make the temperature inside your car a little more bearable with a sun shade. Pop it up into your window while you are out and about then return to a car that won’t melt your fingers off once you grab the steering wheel. (Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but it helps!)

6. Park in the Shade

It might seem ridiculous, but when you can – go for it. Keep an eye out for where the sun sets and the shade hits at your workplace parking lot and other locations you frequent.

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