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What You Need to Do Before You Buy a Used Engine for Your Car

Three Things to Do Before Buying a Used Engine

Whether your newer car had its engine fail or you are restoring a vintage car, it will need a functioning engine if you want to go anywhere. When searching for a used engine, the first step is making sure that it will fit into the vehicle. Once you have a few used engines in Henderson, at A1 Auto Parts, that you know will fit, these are the next steps to choosing one.

1. Check for Oil Leaks

The first step to selecting a used engine is checking for oil leaks. Many cars built in the 1960s and 1970s naturally lose a little bit of oil as the engine runs, and this is to be expected. Cars built after the 1970s should not have any oil leaking from the engine block. You could also do an oil check with the dipstick. If there is any white or gray material on the dipstick, there could be an oil problem with the engine.

2.Start the Engine

To start a used engine, you will need a battery and a fuel source. Once you have everything connected and started, listen to the sounds that the engine makes. Any grinding or clanking sounds suggests that there could be a flywheel problem. If the sounds rise and fall in their pitch, there may be a cylinder problem.

3.Perform a Few Tests

There are a few other tests to do before you walk off the parts lot with your replacement engine. Check the spark plugs. If they are corroded or slicked with oil, this suggests an oil control issue. If you have a compression gauge, do a compression check. This test will tell you about the used engine’s performance at a great level of detail, which could be helpful in making your selection.

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